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  • Unibind XU138

    Unibind XU138 (refurbished)

    • Bind up to 8 documents at once.
    • Bind a single document up to 340 pages.
    • With one binding element, one cooling element.
    • Compact desktop model for small volume applications
    • For use in combination with Resin SteelBinding covers.
    • Call For Pricing 1-888-992-4144
  • Unibind XU338

    Unibind XU338 (refurbished)

    The XU-338 has 3 36mm wide heating plates and 3 cooling plates. Its large capacity make it easy to bind up to 360 sheets per heater. One can bind 12 to 16 1/4 inch thick reports at the same time. Unibind machines have a magnetic switch under the heating plates and require Unibind brand covers or similar covers that have steel in the spine. Call For Pricing 1-888-992-4144