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  • Unibind 120 Thermal Binding Machine

    Unibind 120


    The Thermal Binder 120 is a fast solution for binding and crimping documents, up to 120 sheets. Perfect for binding documents at home or the office.

  • Unibind XU238 - SteelBinding System

    Unibind XU238


    The Unibind XU238 SteelBinding System has 2 binding elements, allowing the binding of up to 16 documents simultaneously or 2 single documents with up to 340 pages.

  • UniBinder 8.1

    UniBinder 8.1


    The UniBinder 8.1 can bind documents of up to 120 sheets of 20lb paper. Easy fast and neat document in seconds!

  • UniBinder 8.2

    UniBinder 8.2


    » Binds up to 8 documents at one time
    » Bind documents up to 342 sheets
    » Automatic crimper reduces inventory need and avoids wear-and-tear
    » Maintenance-free machine
    » Edit bound documents quickly and easily
    » Super strong, permanent bind

  • UniBinder 8.M

    UniBinder 8.M


    The UniBinder 8.M is the newest technology for an easy binding of your documents. It combines the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element.