Thermal Binding System — When you need a flexible document binding solution, look to our ThermoBind line of products. With these versatile machines, you can easily produce binded documents in a variety of formats.

Thermal Binding Machines bind pages directly to the spine of thermal covers in a desktop version of “perfect binding”. The covers’ spine is heated so that adhesive on the spine becomes thin enough to slightly wick into the pages. When cool, the glue becomes part of the page, ensuring a strong bond. There’s no hole punching, or difficulty lining up coils or combs.  Most heating times are 45 to 120 seconds.  Machines can do several covers once. 

Thermobind is your best source for all types of thermal binding covers. We stock thermal binding supplies and complete thermal binding systems from all the major manufacturers. We also have our own ThermoBind Brand covers, thermal binding glue strips and thermal binding machines.

Thermal Hard Covers — Create your own hardbound books today. These standard thermal hard cover cases are the perfect addition to your thermal binding machine. And with our selection of covers, you can create your own presentation books, coffee table books, photo albums and yearbooks.

Photobooks are available in landscape, portrait, and square formats in a variety of sizes and colors. They are available with or without window cuts, and do not require a crimper for binding.

Book repair is easy using our thermal binding machines and pre-cut glue strips.

For books where some or all the pages have fallen out can insert the appropriate width glue strip, reinsert the pages and heat the books in the thermal binding machine.